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Spay/Neuter your pets

Boxer Informational Links

American Boxer Club
American Boxer Rescue Association
Why to Rescue a Dog
American Kennel Club
Meet the Boxer
The American Boxer Standard
Is your boxer having surgery? MUST READ! Acepromazine warning
Boxer Heat Problems
The Benefits of Early Spay/Neuter
The Reality of Breeding Dogs
Boxer Colors, Markings, Tail and Ear Pictoral
Join the Boxer Lovers California eMail List!
Join the Boxer eMail List
European Boxer Zone
Japanese Boxer Dog Information Center

Veterinary Informational Links

Is your boxer having surgery? MUST READ! Acepromazine warning
ONIONS are TOXIC to your pet!
Chocolate is Poisonous to your dog!
National Animal Poison Control Center 1(888)426-4435
Pepto Bismol (Bismuth Subsalicylate) Use in Dogs
Immodium (Loperamide) for Diarrhea
Kaopectate Reformulation
Gastritis: Stomach Inflammation and Vomiting in Dogs
Common Veterinary Drugs, Medications & Supplements
Dr. Sue's Poisonous Plant List

General Dog Links

Skunk Odor Removal Recipe
Compare Your Pet Food With Others
Canidae Pet Food
Natura Pet Products-Makers of Innova & California Natural Dog Food
Learn Animal CPR and Save Your Dogs Life!
First Aid for Dogs
JB Wholesale Pet Supplies
Owned by a boxer breeder.
Kong Toy Stuffing Recipes

Safe-T-Pet, Get your pet some ID!
Caring Pet Service - Gorgeous Custom Urns
At Peace Pet Urns & Memorials
Dog boarding locations across the USA

This site is a wealth of information on owning a deaf dog!

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